Our Story

When we started Retail Worx in 2015, we set out to change the retail landscape; to build a community of hospitality and wellness brands that create meaningful lifestyle experiences for today’s conscious consumer. Using our unique and integrated business model, we incubate, operate and scale our brands while mitigating risk and accelerating growth. The expansion of our portfolio creates an endless pipeline of jobs, allowing us to positively impact communities.

Spiritually Certified™

This designation is the lifeblood of our company, the consciousness and integrity that courses through everything we do. From the way we source and prepare our food, to the respect with which we treat everyone, we implement practices that transcend the lives of those around us and reduce our environmental impact.

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to conscionable commerce, and belief that one kind gesture can have a global ripple effect, we think it’s our moral duty as entrepreneurs to give back and make a difference to the lives of the communities we touch.

Providing Exceptional Service

Our embrace of dignity and integrity extends to our employees, who we train and empower to be the best they can. Our brands foster a family-like and fun work environment with unlimited growth potential. We believe our team's happiness translates into memorable guest experiences.

Placing A Premium on Quality

We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and supporting companies that are as uncompromising as we are in their approach to business. Whether it’s our locally sourced produce or use of plant-based Impossible™ Meat, we put superior quality first.